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We are working with a group of citizens on future participation in the work of the ISCG – which has now been renamed the National Information Board. To take forward the commitment for enhanced citizen engagement in Informatics Strategy, we are holding a work-shop to look at this in more detail. We will be working with citizens to help us understand how best we should be connecting and through what environmnet or method. We are looking for members of the public or partners from the voluntary sector organisations to help us develop our approach.

The Workshop will be held on Thursday 15th May between 1 and 4 pm in Central London. If you would be interested in attending this workshop, please email: NIBsecretariat@dh.gsi.gov.uk

Unlocking Potential: Technology and data to improve health and care now and for future generations...

Welcome to the ISCG Open House Connect Social site. This is where you find out about the ISCG Open House event of 21st of January 2014 including webcasts from the day and next steps for participation in informatics.

Organised by NHS England and in partnership with the Informatics Services Commissioning Group (ISCG), this event explored the emerging high-level informatics strategy that the ISCG is developing for health and social care in England. Key themes and messages from the morning workshops were taken directly by workshop participants to health and social care leaders in the afternoon as part of the formal ISCG meeting.

Want to know more?
• You can read more about developing the ISCG strategy here.
• You can read the reports from the workshops – including key themes and response.

You can read the presentations and reports from the various workshops – including key themes and response.

  • Workshop A: Linking patient records across health and social care: Presentation or Report
  • Workshop B: Delivering IT services with a direct impact on citizen experience e.g. NHS Choices: Presentation or Report
  • Workshop C: Comparative Data – Introducing care.data: Presentation or Report
  • Workshop D: Patients, nurses and technology: Presentation or Report (to follow)

• Read the Storify of tweets from the event.

As well as considering the feedback at the ISCG meeting on 21 January , the ISCG strategy working group is looking at the detailed reports from the workshops and the other feedback from the event, and using it to influence development of overall informatics strategy and the individual programmes that relate to information, technology and data in health and social care.

If you attended the event either in person or digitally and would like to feed back on it, please complete our evaluation form here.
Many people at the event asked about continuing opportunities to participate in the work of the Informatics Strategy Commissioning Group and its associated programmes. ISCG meetings are webcast and papers are published online – you can access details here, including minutes from the 21 January meeting.




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